Another commercial for new yoghurt. This one for sure will make you slim, careless, balance your digestion as it has some new bacteria or virus or fungus and if you just take it you will turn into the girl from the silver screen. Yes, you will look and feel exactly like her. Young, slim, tall, blond, and your stomach will be flat, and everybody will love you and your dull self will be history. No more problems, guys will run after you like bloodhound dogs, and this particular one will go insane by your transformation into the girl of his dreams.

Cut. It’s an illusion and by now we all know it. This yoghurt is same like the one launched last month, it is made of the same milk (if any) the same chemicals, the same amount of sugar, and bacteria you already have plenty in your body.

If you buy it, it will not turn you into somebody else, you will still suffer from indigestion and all your needs, problems, wishes and hopes will stay where they were.

So this artificially created need that before you did not even know you had (who wants to overload his body with bacteria when we have them already) comes in a nice package with a nice illusion that when you get this one everything will be better. 

So if you are not compulsive shopper and you use your head instead of your instincts, you will skip this one.

What about compulsive falling for Mr. Wrongs? They also come in a nice package, and you create the illusion that this is all you want; as if you get it your picture about yourself is going to change. You will have eternal bliss and happiness, your eyes will be shiny your soul fulfilled, the age of loneliness finished and your life will make some sense finally. And he is gonna make it for you. This one for sure is the one. If you just do this one more little step, one more change on yourself. Who is he in reality? Never mind. He is all you think that he is. He is an illusion. New yoghurt. Basically girls, we want to change ourselves, our perfect selves, turn us into the in to the person who does not really exist only to get a guy who does not really exist anywhere else but in our mind, just to be saved.  And when we are saved then what?

…And the prince kissed the sleeping beauty and woke her up from her 100 years sleep. Then they got married and lived happily ever after.

End of the story. Everybody are so bedazzled by the beauty of situation and kindness of prince that nobody asked what favor did the prince actually do to her by waking her up?

And while she was still dizzy from 100years sleep poor thing, he pushed her into the marriage and brought her into his kingdom.


She had even no idea what the word marriage means but she had no other choice then to accept it. He saved her after all, he is a nice guy, handsome has the best horse and he has his own kingdom. The stuff is she had hers as well there was no need to be saved, married, expatriated and then later  for 500 years be the topic of people talkarround. She had it all, beauty, youth, she was relaxed, careless and in HER OWN KINGDOM.

He did not save her…her made her step out of her comfort zone, made her change herself to fit into his world. He woke her up deam it!

So finally how do we know when it is finally enough? When we wake up in somebody else’s kingdom instead of our own then we should know we took the wrong turn. Maybe our kingdom is currently a mess, it is half bankrupted, ruined by recent wars, farmers on strike had really bad season, pigs got ill, but it is ours. We are responsible to make it beautiful place to live again. This is the only kingdom where we are the real queens, we create the rules and conditions and we invite the guests who really deserve to be invited. Not to make our kingdom better, or more suitable for themselves or to implement “few” changes,  or to ruin it and run away with a prey but to treat it with kindness and respect.

They can be guests only under OUR RULES, if they accept them they will be treated equally nice, it not… will be thrown to the lions. Simple as that.


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