A friend of mine cancelled the weekend at the seaside at my place with couple of other friends because his wife did not LET him go. I know the recent story of the two people who’ve finally found each other have a perfect chemistry and much more than what it takes but neither one of them is willing to LET them fully into this though this is already there.

My uncle, who is a hypochondriac and constantly experimenting together with his wife finding ways how to die healthy did not LET himself enjoy in the food so they were eating just something blunt and with no taste nor sense, gave up every pleasure that comes from food and his wife unfortunately ended up with a cancer. My friend does not LET herself the pleasure of jumping in to the open fresh sea as once she has heard the rumors that one woman in late 1961 was attacked by shark. Maybe it was just meant to be…

How many stuff in life do we really control and how many of them are really just meant to be? How would the world look like if we just learn to accept?


Mostly we LET ourselves be limited by other people fears or we are just slaves of our own fear of flying and we like to imagine that we have it under control and that this brings something really good in our lives. The mainstream way of thinking is – be always in control of you, of other people, if we could we would control the sun and the moon. To be sure that the bad stuff will not happen.

There exist even the seminars of how to successfully manipulate yourself and others and everything around you. Because if you do it you will be happier, healthier, have more power, be an absolute star and everybody will nod at you and pet you on the shoulder admiring how good you have it under control and you will be sure that you are on the right way to avoid the pain.

Then one day you’ll just snap and go to live in India meditate under some tree and finally admit that life in control sucks. While you were living on your power trip of absolute control over you with the goal to be constantly in balance to protect yourself from pain which is inevitable part of life btw, one whole life passed by you. All the good stuff that life put in front of you, you only just tasted which just created frustration of wanting them but never letting yourself have it fully. So you were hoaxing one frustration after other cutting little pieces of your controlled self or your controlled partner or child in order to protect yourself or them (but I believe that it is always yourself) from being hurt. And when you lower your shield a bit and after all it happens that you are hurt you do everything to control this pain to run away from it.

But you can’t… it’s just meant to be. You cut already so many pieces of you and now you are in deep pain and frustration and now what? From what will you pull your inner power if you never collected it? Time passed you by…you never took the good stuff fully with full power to fill up your soul that you have to hang on something good during the gray times. You never took a chance to fall in love so insanely and enjoy every moment like there is no tomorrow, you never truly enjoy the drunken night with your friends because of tomorrows hangover, you never stopped and admired the colors in the fall as you never took the time as you were already late, never got yourself lost in the music, and never really cried with full hart, never really yelled your anger out, never, never let yourself do something stupid but fulfilling so many nevers… You lived as you did not. Controlled and balanced.

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