Please let me rest tonight. Just tonight just for five minutes I need a break from the world.

You know, it is the zoo outside; the world is full of idiots who want to break your soul, because of your exquisite body.  I am tired of the games I am playing and my shield is getting heavy. Can I please leave it tonight somewhere out of reach, just for tonight?


My mask is stuck to my face and it is pressing me I don’t know where it actually ends and where do I begin. Please, just tonight let me just breath, let me just be. Tomorrow we will be back in the game, I will be again provocative, unpredictable, love resistant girl that triggers your hunting instincts, and you will be hunter again, just not tonight please. Not now when you reminded me of how does it feel to fall asleep in somebodies arms, and when just for one moment saw the trace of soul in your eyes. Let me be tamed, let me let myself feel again.

I wanna dismiss the thought police tonight. They’ve been working overtime for what it feels like an eternity, and they also need some rest. Their scars hurt as well you know.

It is only tonight this couple of hours. Please be patient with me please don’t be scared. I want to drop the armor, and wear nothing but our smell, and I just want to breathe.

My scars hurt, maybe it’s because of the weather, they say the winds will start and the sunny days will be over. Please let me rest here next to you.

Don’t worry it will not hurt tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be on the run again I will be wild again and our games will be played again, so don’t worry tomorrow we will be love resistant again. 

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