Certain kinds of men of all centuries have been asking themselves one question: What do women really want? Only rhetorically I guess, because they needed some topic to talk among themselves when Johnny Walker wisdom hit them and football season was over so they did not have any justified reason to discuss other man without sounding gay. They even did some movies on that, mostly comedies.

On the other hand we women are trying since we could articulate ourselves to answer that question. We took it as serious question. So we did our best to explain ourselves in every possible way we could find. We tried to sing it, tried to spell it out, tried to yell it out (then they call us hormonal), but we’ve always got this same puzzled look “lights on but nobody home”. Little by little we are coming to our senses; we stopped wasting our precious time finding proper answer to an improper question and started turning our backs on it. If we do not get extremely pissed off by it.

WHAT DO WE want? Well let’s see… There was a “once upon time” time in a life of every girl, when she thought that she can get the equal as she offered. Yes, we genuinely believed in fair play and hoped that we have the common understanding with you WWW guys at least on the topics that tend to be universal truths. Although you’ve fiercely defended it with all your eloquence and good words, somehow you’ve always weaseled your way out when things got bumpy. Then, as an excuse you offered us explanation that you were simple creatures who have no more than two emotions, either you are hungry or you are horny, and everything beyond that is science fiction for you. How many times have we heard this one to treat you like the dogs, just to give you food and let you out?


After we have recovered from the astonishment and shock, we finally got the naked truth and did exactly what you asked us to do. Only we‘ve decided in favor of the real dogs.

1) Dogs live longer than most of relationships nowadays particularly with WWW guys, so by getting a dog you are spearing yourself unnecessary stress of constant getting over somebody.

2) They have a brain of 5 year old, what is pretty much the same as WWW guys, just you have no crazy expectations that this will ever change.

3) Dogs give you unconditional love and are happy to see you even when you are in the worse swing of PMS and you look like you just came from the casting for the Alien.

4) When you talk to them at least they look at you with understanding.

5) They come in different colors, different sizes, and temperament so at the beginning you at least have some clue about what are you getting.

6) Dogs pretty much know what they want from you and they stick to this for the rest of their life what is definitely not the case with WWW guys as they have no idea what do they want from themselves for a start (how would they know then what other person wants)

7) Dogs defend they territory and know how to come home themselves. WWW guys have a problem finding their home particularly the bed. They are grateful for the time spent with you just as long as they are with you.

8) Dogs are loyal, and they have no problems with showing emotions and empathy. WWW guys have only two emotions, and general lack of empathy.

9) They will go everywhere with you without complaining.

10) Yeah, they depend on you that mean you are in charge for feeding them regularly; taking them to the doctor if they are sick, taking them out but with WWW guys it comes pretty much to the same.

11) Dogs never bother you with their problems, family; past, future, their undefined self..

12) And now ladies: If your doggy will run too much after the bitches, it is legal to castrate him and problem solved what you cannot do with guys as in civilized countries unfortunately this is still illegal because the people on government responsible for the laws are mostly men.


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