S: So what’s this now?

L: How do you mean?

S: Do not answer me with a question.

L: Well, it’s another surprise. Haven’t YOU asked for it?

S: And this is the best you could think of?

L: Well, YOU love surprises. If you expected it or if it would be played exactly according to your wish, it would not be a surprise. Agree?

S: Why are you always doing this to me? Putting me in these weird situations, then watch me wiggle my way out of them. Wasn’t it enough? Haven’t I proven myself enough?

L: I don’t know…have you?

S: Another answer with question. Stop doing that.

L: You have a lot of questions.

S: You have a lot of puzzles.

L: LOL. Fair enough, but these are your puzzles and you already know the answers.

S: Really? You are saying that I am the one who is putting ME in such situations and I already have all the answers. What do you think about me, that I am some kind of looney, adrenalin freak who can’t stand “easy” normal, so I am complicating my life just for fun?

L: Nicely put! Hahaha…but look, I am not giving you anything you have not asked for.

S: That’s not true. What about my losses? Do you think this was fun for me? Have I done this also to myself?

L: Sometimes. But sometimes it was me.

S: You bitch, but why?

L: To teach you.

S: Teach me what?

L: Lessons you needed to learn. I am not there to coddle you all the time…

S:Thnx, I’ve noticed that. And what shall I do now with this knowledge that I got? What is this good for?

L: It’s up to you.

S: Now it’s up to me…But why did you put me in so many situations where I had to be strong. Wasn’t one enough to teach me?

L: For you, no. Would you like it better if you were weak?

S: Don’t answer me with a question..

L: Ok…look I put you there because you could take it. You needed it to develop yourself to become the person you are now and you did an excellent job.

S: Excellent job… in becoming myself? Thank you…but I was myself before all this shit. It was not necessary that you screw me over so many times.

L: It was. You constantly kept forgetting who you really were. I have never put anything in front of you what I was not sure you can handle the best way. And if you remember I also gave you helpers. They were there in every situation to protect you and to make your way of learning easier, bearable. In your last lesson you have learned how to recognize them, and that is valuable knowledge. You have to learn to appreciate the help of others, in order to be able to give it back in the best way, the way you have received it when you needed it. This is an important lesson, it is called humanity and you did it great.

S: Hm…but again, you trained me to be what I am now, and now what shall I do with all this? What is the point in having all this knowledge, only to be alone with it? You do not treat everybody the same, you are not giving the same lessons to everybody. You are not fair.


L: We talked about the frequency before. You are not alone. There are a lot of you who are on your level of frequency. Remember your helpers. They were there to help you step up to the higher frequency, the same way you are helping others. It is fair. This is how the people of the same frequency find each other. If you are in the group of the people with a high frequency level positive vibrations will be high and you will be able to find a way how to help the others to climb up.

S: Ok but point is still missing…why should we do that? We get through all this, learn our lessons help the others and then we die. And what good out of this? What did we accomplish if there are still enough low frequency people on this world? We are doing all of this in vain. Plus, you are not giving them the same challenges like you are giving us, they stay there plus they always walk on the sunny side of the street. What lessons do they learn that way and what about their frequency?

L: This is their level. They are not ready for bigger challenges and they are not asking for them. Besides you should not worry about them it is their choice. Look at it like this: would YOU like the easy way? Would YOU be happy with this? YOU are the one who hates sunny side, remember? Remember yourself in one of the rare moments of tranquility. You were actually suffering drowning, you asked for more.

S: I was not suffering.

L: You were, you asked me for challenges I can hear you remember…

S: OK maybe I was, true, but to strike me like this?

L: It was your choice.

S: So if I get you correct all this is my choice. I am asking for challenges and you just write the scenario and create the situations where my choices can be “played”. Then some I play well, some I mess up. From some I get my lessons instantly. What about this one where I do not see the point right away?

L: They will be repeated until you do.

S: Why can’t you just let it be…

L: Because you can’t just let them be.

S: Makes sense…What about this random situation when for instance a bird shits on me while I am going to an important meeting, or when the rain washes me in the middle of street while I am wearing white transparent shirt and totally inappropriate leather shoes, or when I meet the perfect guy who happens to live on the other side of the world, or it fits in every single aspect except in only one and things all go to hell? You can’t say it was my choice.


S: It’s not funny. .. That is for sure not my choice. And I do not see how this will help me get to a higher frequency.

L: Sorry. No, sometimes it’s just for my fun. You look cute when you are angry sometimes. Guy stuff – don’t be so selfish. They also need you to learn their lessons. It works like this…Some people are on your path not by chance but because they were meant to be, they give you the message, and in the same time you are on their path so that they can get their messages through you. They needed you, as much you needed them at this point. Sometimes that is simply all that was supposed to be, the only reason why you two met. Time, until this task is accomplished, is irrelevant. It can be very short and limited because there is someone else who needs exactly you or him to be able to learn his or her lessons with you. Then you move on. You call it an expiration date, I think. Or it can last a very long time.

S:So every interaction does actually come with an expiration date. It is all just part of the plan.

L: Kind of. Relationships that last a whole life also have an expiration date. It is just very long. Sometimes it is just this guy Murphy who messes it up a bit.

S: So they learn from me I learn from them and then game over, new game. Is it all about this?

L: No, it is also about joy. This is why you love me so much.

S: Yeah. Must be something…

L: Look you live for these moments of joy you collect them, and because of all this lessons you have learned you know how to appreciate them. So it is not all in vain and you know it.

S: I do know it. So what shall we do now?

L: What do you want?

S: Have more surprises for me?

L: Sure.

S: Now I am scared.

L: You are not. You do not believe in fear. You were never scared of me.

S: Right. So where shall we go from here?

L: You know what you want.

S: Do I? Do you know what I want?

L: I think I have pretty much got the picture.

S: So when?

L: There is one important lesson you have to learn before.

S: That one would be…

L: To be patient…

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