Dear parallel me,

Time and space are only dimensions we pretend to understand. Deep inside I know that it means nothing. It is just scenery an illusion, a consequence of turning right on a crossroad where you could have turned left. This is how we create endless net of parallel lives and our parallel selves. Sometimes it is not even our own turn but somebody else made this split for us.

Who are you in this parallel universe? You are me after all we are still the part of One. I wonder if you are still free and happy or you’ve let them break you. No, I believe in you, you would have never let this happen. We are survivors. Maybe you are older than me maybe you are younger but did you learn your lessons well? I mean this one never to lose yourself over anybody and anything. There is no compromise when it comes to your freedom. It is the most important one you will learn. And I hope you have learned by now to let go and to take your choices fearlessly. Anyway there are no consequences it isonly one crossroad more and only one parallel universe more that will be written. So go on, dive in. I do the same.


You know we meet in dreams from time to time. Dreams are our black holes our windows into each other’s realities.  This particular kind of dreams after which you wake up all confused with no idea was itjust a dream or it happened for real. Dreams where you meet people you do not know and see the places you have never been to but you know it exists somewhere and all you can be sure is that it really was you. And it was you just in my reality. My reality is your dream, your parallel world. It is done in this way so we can learn our lessons, help each other, you know it is hard to be alone, and this way we are never alone. We have each other to turn to; we always know there is someone watching over us, there beyond the invisible. Do you notice these little hints? Like when you meet some person and you feel instant threat, or affection, or even love, for no particular reason. This person already appeared in my reality and I am sending you a feeling it left behind. I know you do the same for me. Thank you.

Maybe this is what love actually is. Only a pleasant memory, message from some parallel life. Anyway it comes so sudden, so unexplained, and it’s almost every time unintended.  Hope you are now somewhere where it is summer and you are laughing your heart out in some hot and lazy summer night with a hugesweaty moon above you, and you are getting lost in songs and wine having the time of your life. And yes, if you catch the look of some burning hazel eyesand feel like you are in trouble, yes you are, but be brave, go for it, return the look till you hear “do not look at me like this”.  I will whisper you the sequence of that sentence in a dream. Now, I will just tell you it is worth the trouble. 

Will your choices take you to the same places mine took me? Will we anyhow end up at the same road at the end? I don’t know but till then be sure not to miss to enjoy the silence of the desert, speed like crazy over the waves in sunset, sing in a full voice while driving, laugh with a full heart, and cry with no reason, give your whole self in dance and love. I know you would tell me the same.

See you in our dreams.




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