Let me tell you something about me. By “me” I mean me, the Muse. Yes I am the Muse. I was born like this I had no choice. We all come to this world with a purpose, some are takers some are givers, and some are Muses. If I had a choice maybe I would have not chosen this role for myself but now it’s there and I don’t really know how to be anything else. I know you already knew it, although now you are going to roll up your eyes with this warm gesture of faked annoyance from which lurks affection and closeness that you so much try to hide. Funny, how sometimes you are scared but it’s Ok I am just a Muse don’t worry. You call me an ego-trip. And you are not mistaken. I really am vain and moody, egocentric; I am your own dark side, the silent reflection of your mind. Everything that works for you, it’s your imagination anyway. I am beautiful, to fit any nasty thought you might have. I am timeless, unlimited I am all you want me to be. I can’t do reality this is why I have you.


And you, you cannot see the colors of the music, you can’t feel fine silky threads of thoughts; nor hear the voices of the world beyond invisible without me. I am your silent companion who turns your fears into your victories, your friend and soul mate when it endlessly rains in the autumn, the one who caresses your thoughts and adds the spark to your passions. You call me when your wheels start turning in vain just to touch you one more time with my bare mind. And it’s scary and nasty at the same time isn’t it? Your private little piece of magic, the secret ingredient of your confident smile. But you know, I am just a Muse, I will never be part of anybody’s reality, you will never walk with me holding hands, eating hot maroons in the autumn, no lunches and candlelight dinners no obligations to get me roses and chocolates and remember my birthday no long dreamy looks, cuddly mornings. This is not what we are for. We are not there to be loved we are there to inspire, provoke, intrigue we are fantasy. People love us, just the way you love me, partially, carefully, with reserve, the way fantasy is to be loved… Let me tell you something in confidence. There is actually a way out of being a Muse. Way out is love. When Muse falls in love she stops being a Muse and becomes mortal. She can’t do that as she is not free anymore. Well, you know this is my phobia. And so I dance…

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