A: A Red word is what you are looking for today isn’t it?
S: Actually no, I am just looking. Interesting shop you have. You sell – words. How is this going?
A: Today is a total madness. Everybody wants only red words. We are almost running out of LOVE as everybody wants it today. Here on the shelves we have words. Today as you can see we have a huge selection of red words, actually today we have red words only as there is simply no space for any other – everyday words. LOVE FOREVER, EVER, NEVER. Everybody wants some combination with LOVE. People are buying like crazy. They do not even understand the true meaning of this words…but anyhow..
S: And on normal days? With word LOVE for instance?
A: Love always goes good only on normal days purpose is a bit different. On normal days if we sell the word LOVE it has more genuine reason. It is more often exchanged among the friends, family; it does not have such strong “romantic” connotation. It is a strong word with much deeper meaning unfortunately this word is very often abused, particularly on days like today.
In general we always try to treat the words we sell carefully and to warn our customers about the power they have. It is always sad to see wonderful words get totally wasted.
S: How can words be wasted? What happens to such wasted words?
A: They just fall on the floor like the leaves in the fall. Sad. The true purpose of every word is to go straight to the heart and to stay there. Bad and good once. They stay there till the expiry date.
S: Words have expiry dates?
A: Yes, they do. Positive and luckily negative too. We also sell negative words. Nowadays they are sold much easier and more than the positive unfortunately. People are much less careful with negative words and totally unaware of destructive impact they have. They think if they one day they buy negative word and throw it on someone in furry , the next day they can just some come for something like “SORRY” or “LOVE”  and that this will reverse all darkness and destruction from previous day, but this is not how it works. Words if are not wasted they go straight to the heart. Remember? Just recently we had a guy who bought a full sack of ugly, negative abusive and aggressive words for his wife. He threw the whole sack of insults on her. Earlier today he came back. Wanted to exchange them for LOVE and SORRY and FOREVER. This negative will stay there in a heart of his wife until expiry date and sometimes this can take very long time. The expiry date will eventually come and then black words will be forgotten. In this way this person will have a chance to find her peace again.
But words can’t be undone or exchanged.
S: Good words also have expiry date they can also be forgotten…
A: Yes, they can. This is why our customers come back for more as long as they still care for the person they dedicated the good words once. Good words are very often forgotten even before then bad and ugly. If you want to preserve your good relationship with someone, good words are essential, they are like a fuel, and they have to be given to the person you care for on regular basis. Else it is all gone.
S: What if the words I give to someone don’t reach the heart of that person. Can I simply bring them back to you and exchange them for some other that would fit better?
A: We don’t take words back. It is against the policy. Each and every word is special and unique as it is dedicated to one person who is also special and unique. This words which did not reach the heart, are wasted words. It is up to our customers to estimate which words are right for which person and occasion. Even the best words like LOVE lose their power and just fall if they are coming from the wrong person. We are just selling words, we do not know whom are they dedicated, or the context in which they are going to be used. It is up to our customer’s judgement.
S: There are no universal words that will reach every heart of every person. They all depend on the person they are coming from and the context they are given in. What gives them the real meaning then?
A: You do. All words are empty. Look at them, they are just lifelessly standing on this shelves waiting for someone to buy them. All words are just words, letters combined together. The person who buys them gives them life, voice, shape, colour, and what is most important, backs them up with his/her actions. Does not matter how nice they may sound if the true actions do not stand behind them. Very often we have the case that the person walks in buys a bunch of sweetest words gives them to someone but his actions tell something different. Such words can cause the worst pain. They can come straight to the heart of the person they were given to, but the link with the heart of the person they come from does not exist. Words used in such way are called lies.
S: So you sell lies?
A: No we sell words. The person we sell them to decide if they will be misused and turned into the lies. You give the life to the words remember?
S: You said before that on Valentine’s Day people are buying LOVE combined with words NEVER, FOREVER, but they do not really have any meaning in reality? What does FOREVER really mean, or NEVER?
A: There are words that use to make other words sound stronger, more authentic. It is like with food you have spices to emphasise the flavour. Same is with words.  Forever is the word which only sounds big, but as you conclude correctly, has no value, no true meaning when it just stands alone. When you combine it with love it has romantic connotation thou not very realistic one. On the other hand same “forever” combined with the word “pain” sounds very serious, but as well not very much realistic. Everything has expiry date.
S: Which word would fit to LOVE to make it sound stronger in a realistic way?
A: There are two I would recommend:   HERE and NOW.

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