This morning was bright again. Sky was crystal clear and world was dressed in sparkling colors of spring. A Man, who is walking his dog in a park every morning at 6:30 and who was these last 10 days every morning dressed in yellow raincoat and green boots, like those that fishermen wear, today had only light spring jacket. He also dresses his dog in this coats for dogs that cover the whole back of the dog and as I have seen from my window he has not only one of them. Till now I have noticed 4 different. Grey, some kind of Scottish pattern, green and brown. The dog is grey , big very well shaped slim and strong. They look like good companions who enjoy each other’s company very well. From my window I wonder who that man is? Is this dog all that he has in his life? As I have seen he is a gardener who takes care for the park where my apartment is and he starts working very early in the morning. In the winter as well, I hear two of them sometimes even before the dawn. What are they doing so early on winter mornings? Maybe dog has his needs or the man can’t stand the loneliness of his room and has to leave it as soon as he can. He does not seem sad on the contrary the two or them look very happy. Probably fiscal work has that impact, makes people happy. It has to do a lot with hormones in the brain.


So I stay in the bed observing them for a while till I become aware of the fact that the time flies faster than I’d expect it to,  and I have negotiate with myself take the shower and get ready to leave the cosiness of my flat. I do not think of the man and his dog that often. I barely ever think of them. Interesting how we get to be the part of somebodies life even when we think we are invisible. We never talked and we probably never will, however this man and his grey dog are part of my morning’s scenery. This is where they belong. I notice them from my window every day, check what color dogs coat is on that day and if the man is wearing yellow raincoat or not. Then I slip into my reality and leave the dog and the man do their choirs.

This is the best way. That way they will never know I exist and I will never become the part of their life. That way they will never miss me when I am gone and I will  never really miss them only I’d be a little worried if I do not see them for a while.

As you see this story I wrote without U. Because it is easier like this. If there is no U then I would not have to meet U nor would U ever have to become the part of my life. I could go wherever I want to, and do whatever I want totally unaware of the existence of  U on this world. I would be blissfully happy in my ignorance flashing this big careless smile at everybody who is not U. You see now how U complicates everything.  All the stuff like Love, Miss, Hate mean nothing if they do not have U at the end. They are just words. U makes them real and if they are real they can really hurt. So I decide to go on without U it is better that way…


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