That night you winked at me, you caressed me with a wind that went through me in this one millisecond. Like a shiver, like a peace and storm at the same time. You decided that it was a time. That is why you put all this magic decorations high up on the dark night sky, made it a bit darker by hiding the Moon and made all the stars shine brighter. Contrasts, we love them.

stars love

Yes, you really took a good care; you made it all shiny and glittery to add a piece of dignity and celebration as the moment requires. I have noticed don’t worry 😉 Thank you. I know you do it every time for this occasion.  Every time when you decide that it is time to join all my parallel worlds into one shiny river of present reality, where all that I ever was, and all that I ever will be suddenly melts together and makes perfect sense. You usually prepare the scenery, give me the leading role and push me on the stage. You dress me in this bright glittery aura of carelessness and screaming pulsating energy and then you slightly withdraw to leave me on my own. The occasion for celebration was rising to a new frequency. The two of us always have our special rituals when it comes to that. I know you love to be dramatic and I enjoy the attention. It happens several times in this life with a different intensity. This time it was big. It feels like adding a new colour to an already perfect spectrum. You suddenly see deeper, feel more intensive; you lose the last traces of fear, jump and dive in; you are one more step closer to a perfect freedom. It is a time for fireworks and music indeed, because I made it; one more time. I fought it all, become a bit better version of myself, with some scars that I turned in tattoos. I have finished my aimless wondering thought my parallel lives by answering the hardest question and I am about to get it all. Yes, it really is the best occasion for the celebration.  

Usually you make some nice  surprises for me in such occasions, like you want to say “enjoy you deserved it”. The little gifts that you leave for me to find along the way… They always make me smile and think of you, of the times when I was up with you in a world of ideas. You’ve always guessed right what I needed. Remember Paris, you made me cry watching that show, African colours of sunset and dry air and loneliness of the desert, Amsterdam, one afternoon not so long ago all by myself, street art in Melbourne, street musicians in Wien, long swims all alone with a sea?  I wondered what you prepared for me this time. I knew something big was about to come, just never can guess your timing. You care about the time same as me. We have our own way of counting time.  You and me….

I looked around as I was climbing the stairs. The night was surrounding me with its freshness and all had some feeling of deep sharp blue that I could not explain. I could smell the fire. “Fire walk with me” I thought and smiled. I climbed to the top of the stairs hesitated for a moment and then made this one step forward. There it was. I understood where this intensive blue is coming from.  Thank you for this one. That was the biggies you have ever given me and I promise to cherish and protect it the best I know. Till I am idea again. I don’t know if you have been following what happened next, or you’ve already walked away with that confident smile of yours (you just knew I will love it didn’t you) but now I have evening Rijeka as well to add to the list of my perfect moments. And this is where it only begins… Kiss till some next time.


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