In a land beyond visible there is a Big big city. Like every respectable big big city this one also has his business street where busy people in black and grey suits run around not noticing one another nor anything around them because they are simply too busy for noticing. They in fact do not notice anything except their work or chances how to be even more occupied by it. What they do notice indeed is a heart attack. If it is not fatal, they start noticing that they lived their whole life in a box. Surprising is the fact that they still have heart to get a heart attack.

Back to the point. So, in this busy Business Street there are different institutions, companies, banks, and stock exchanges. Among all of them there is one specific exchange. Problem stock exchange. The building where this institution is situated is huge; you can see that they are doing well.  How wouldn’t they; taken into the consideration the specific goods they are trading they will never be out of business.

business street

How many times have you heard the sentence: oh, if only I had your problems? Well they make it possible. Every living person has some problem. Even the people who do not have any invent something to be able to worry about.  It is in our nature to complain, analyze, and overthink all the way till we find something we can hook up to and moan about it for eternity or at least till some real shit does not cross our way. Then we usually stop moaning, get our shit together and deal with the situation. Or not and we sink. Everybody, the people with real problems and common moaners think their problem is hardest, toughest and at some point they have enough of it. Then they listen to somebody else’s story and wish they had their problems because from the perspective of outsider other people’s problems seem to be a lot more bearable then their own. These are all potential clients of problem stock exchange institution.

It is organized like so that all possible problems that human person can have are sorted into categories: financial problems, health problems, love/relationship/marriage problems, drinking /addiction problems, social problems, family problems, carrier problems, school problems, general pain of the world problems etc. Every group gets carefully evaluated and based on current conditions and on of the supply and demand on the market price get quoted . Client calls and gets connected with the broker:
–       Hello, how can I help you?
–       Hello, I have loads of financial problems and I am sick and tired of them so I would like to sell them. What can I get for them today?
–       What proportion?
–       100 units
–       Ok sell price is long term 60 family problems and 60 general world
–       And short?
–       110 drinking problems
–       60 world problems? Isn’t that a bit too much
–       No, now it is good time to invest into world problems they are growing constantly. For sure. Index is really getting higher and higher every day. I would even advice you to buy more.
–       So you say…well I can offer some marriage problems like 30.
–       Ok so 100 financial and 30 marriage. You won’t regret.

After they close the deal the broker makes the exchange. Client’s financial problems get exchanged for family problems and share of world problems. So during the life time the average client buys and sells almost all of them from each group, some even over several times.
You want the name of the institution – it’s called LIFE.


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