I was asked to write something about myself. How to do this? How to put everything you are in one box? Lining up pure facts won’t help define me the right way and btw I find it pretty much irrelevant. So, how to define yourself without slipping into the trap of explaining yourself to others or imposing your own vision of who you are? It doesn’t matter what we think we are, it doesn’t matter what our job is, or how we look; at the end, we are what others think of us. Therefore, I’ve kindly asked different people to describe me in one word. This is what came out:

Fairy, Wild butterfly, Flower storm, Double trouble, Forest spring, Aquarius, The Little prince and the fox in one, The woman who knows how to use the day, Queen, Muse, Lunatic, Surprising, Liberal& tolerant, Unique, Different, Inspiring, Crazy, Dancer, Writer & Photographer, The whole damn Narnia in one person, Energy burst, Kind, Strong and fragile, Fun& Generous, Chaos, Constant change, upside down, Moody…

All of this is me…I have as many faces as I have the people who have touched my life…


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